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Deliver more powerful reporting

We’ve worked with the best thought leadership programs across the world to deliver, not just a huge amount of valuable raw data on thought leadership campaigns, but to also curate that data to demonstrate the impact of content in the most useful way.​

Reports for authors​

Passle authors are reported to on an individual basis so they can see not just vanity metrics, like the number of reads their content received, but also its commercial impact.​

For example, authors can opt to be notified about who clicked through to their post from a newsletter, or which clients received their content from colleagues. ​

Authors can also measure their progress using the Passle Expert Influencer Score (EI Score).

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Third party analytics platforms on Passle

Third party analytics

Passle content can also be integrated with third-party analytics tools such as Google analytics, Pardot or Eloqua to give a single, centralised view of all content.